Assessment and Feedback

This chapter covers the important elements of assessment and feedback, with specific considerations for online teaching.


Assessing Learning Outcomes


Ongoing and Varied Assessment


Teacher Feedback


Other Types of Feedback


Setting Learner Expectations


Assessment of Activities


What About Exams and Testing?

In this article you can read about a new study that contradicts the perception that cheating is more widespread in online classes, finding that students in virtual courses were less likely to cheat than their face-to-face peers.

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Over the past few years, professors have begun to use “grading contracts” in their classes. Part of this decision is to alleviate those end-of-term questions, but more importantly, faculty are using grading contracts because these contracts can facilitate better teaching and better learning.

No matter how the evaluation criteria is spelled out on the syllabus and reiterated throughout the course itself, students are likely to continue to ask “How are you going to grade this?” Jeff McClurken notes how he also receives this question frequently from other professors when they hear about their blog-related assignments.